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Arzt Schreibtisch

That's what our patients think

Nicholas I

Very competent doctor. We definitely recommend! Many thanks for everything!

Julia G

A very good and compassionate doctor. The team around Dr. Kleiman is great too. Always friendly and helpful!

Nikolay N

My family was under the care of Doctor Kleiman. We are very satisfied with the treatment. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Kleiman and the entire practice team for the professional treatment!

Ekaterina S

Very friendly and competent advice! A wonderful pediatrician looking after a child. Careful and detailed study. I am very pleased!


Very good and above all conscientious family doctor! Fully recommended. Takes time for his patients. Also very well versed in the field of nutrition.

Timo S

Very competent and friendly doctor! Takes his time, listens and supports patients in every way! Practice team is very on the ball and extremely helpful!

Nafisa R

Very nice doctor definitely recommended 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

dr Alexander M

Dr Kleiman is a very experienced and competent doctor

carina s

dr Kleiman takes the time for his patients and I feel that I have received very good advice in general and especially with regard to nutrition - finally a doctor who takes time for his patients.

Lars T

Best regards from us. My wife is doing better now. We were helped here competently and quickly, they took their time and the medication was also well coordinated.

Ira R

dr Kleiman is a very competent doctor who thinks holistically and uses different methods to get to the bottom of the disease. The practice team is friendly and competent! We recommend!

Adrian R

Was very well advised and treated. It's rare that a doctor takes the time to go in depth and breadth. Top.

Dimitri B

Very competent, sympathetic and attentive doctor with a lot of experience, who takes a lot of time. The practice team is very well organized, friendly and courteous. A clear recommendation.

Dana Z

Very good doctors, qualified staff, good handling of patients. The ambience is lovingly designed for patients. The Kleiman team has put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that patients can feel comfortable in the new practice. Thank you very much!

Nina G

I've been super happy for years. Professional, very committed and detailed in the diagnoses, highly recommended!

Sonya K.

Competent doctor, very friendly, short waiting times, takes a lot of time for patients. Very committed. Very friendly and helpful practice team.


Nice, friendly, helpful team. dr Kleiman is competent. He takes his time. You feel very well cared for. Thanks!

Christian S

Very competent doctor with a very competent team. dr Kleiman takes a fair amount of time to answer questions and queries. He also does this in a very humorous way. Appointments are easy to get, and prescriptions are also issued over the phone if the findings are available. I particularly like that Dr. Kleiman is very analytical and always initiates relevant tests and investigations to get to the bottom of things.

Jennifer K

dr Kleiman is a wonderful doctor. He takes the time to go into detail about the patient and to find a holistic solution. In particular, I like his knowledge of "alternative" healing methods such as acupuncture etc. and that he looks for solutions through sport/nutrition/psyche and not just treats them with medication.

Eve R

Very friendly, polite and professional!

Nicholas G

Appointments available quickly, nice practice team, competent advice!

Arthur K

Very calm and competent doctor

Bernhard K

Dr. Kleiman and his team are the best thing that could have happened to me with my illness. He treated me very competently and professionally and helped to get my cancer under control. I can recommend him unconditionally.

lya k

A very competent and friendly doctor who takes his time with his patients. Has helped me several times. I would recommend him to anyone.

Ruther C

Very committed, competent and personable doctor with an attentive and friendly practice team! After I, as a vegan, had been looking for a family doctor for a long time who was familiar with the topic, I found Dr. Kleiman found a new family doctor that I trust.

mujo b

A great doctor with a great and very competent team. Scheduling an appointment is easy and can be done at short notice. Mr. Kleiman takes enough time for the patients and also listens to the complaints in detail. All treatments have gone smoothly so far. Short waiting times. Very nice and modern practice. There is always something to drink in the waiting room. Can only be recommended.

Christine D

i have dr Kleiman was recommended because I was looking for a doctor who was familiar with the vegan diet. The advice was great, he takes a lot of his time. Everything alright. Thanks. 👍

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