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Corona Update

Your health and the health of our staff is important to us.

We have oriented our consultation hours and all practice procedures to your protection. This means that there is no risk of infection during regular consultation hours. FFP 2 masks are compulsory in our practice rooms..


Should you have a cold, flu-like symptoms (cough, cold, sore throat, fatigue) or fever, we will only take care of you after prior telephone registration.

Stay healthy!

Yours Dr. Kleiman and the Consilio Team 

Booster vaccinations against COVID 19
Vaccine: Comirnaty Original/Omicron BA.4-5 from BioNTech/Pfizer
Concerns patients with a fixed appointment for vaccination in our practice

Please understand that the vaccination campaign in our practice runs parallel to a very busy daily practice routine. For the most effective process, everyone must adhere to the rules below. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. For the booster vaccination, you must have received one of the previous vaccines at least twice

  2. You must be healthy (free from acute infection) at the time of vaccination.

  3. You will help us if you clarify all open questions regarding the vaccination beforehand and waive the medical briefing. You can find detailed information on the homepage of the Robert Koch Institute

  4. Please cancel the appointment prematurely if you are unable to attend

  5. Please be on time for the appointment

  6. Please let us know directly if you are prone to allergies, are afraid of injections and have already had an anaphylactic reaction.

  7. Please bring your insurance and your vaccination card with you to the appointments.

  8. The following document must also be printed out, completed and signed and brought to the first appointment:

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