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MD Maryam Zölzer-Yazdani

Specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine
Privately insured and self-pay patients
Your Paediatrician in Sachsenhausen

I love my job as a paediatrician and therefore bring along a lot of empathy in addition to my professional competence. It is important to me that children feel comfortable with me and parents feel understood. I take time for this, take your concerns seriously and accompany you and your child in their development.


Get to know me a little better!

Here I studied medicine

Medical studies at the universities of Halle-Wittenberg, Duisburg-Essen and Cologne

I did my PhD on:

Exploratory study on the determination of functional thiamine status in
children undergoing cardiac surgery.

This is what you should know about my medical activities and practical experience:

  • Doctor in further training in a paediatric practice for general paediatrics and paediatric cardiology
  • Doctor in further training at Bürgerhospital- neonatology and paediatric intensive medicine
  • Doctor in further training at the Clementine Children's Hospital - general paediatrics with a focus on diabetology, rheumatology, nephrology and pulmonology
  • Further training in nutritional counselling according to Avicennian humoral medicine
  • Licence to practise medicine 2012
  • Member of the DGKJ German Society for Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
  • Member of the GTP Society for Tropical Paediatrics and International Child Health
Private: Mother of 2 children
Languages: German, English, Spanish and Farsi



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I can help your child with the following services:

  • Child check-ups from U3- U11 

  • Adolescent Health Assessments (J1 & J2) 

  • Diagnosis and therapy of acute illnesses 

  • Preoperative physical examination and laboratory collection 

  • Certificates for kindergartens, schools, physical education 

  • Vaccination advice and implementation of all recommended standard vaccinations 

  • Vision and color sense exam 

  • Hearing test (audiometry) from 13 months

  • Development and Perception Tests 

  • Ultrasound examinations (internal organs, infant hip and infant skull) 

  • Allergy diagnostics using prick and RAST examination 

  • Lactose, fructose and sorbitol breath test 

  • General and special laboratory tests in cooperation with a laboratory community 

  • Oxygen saturation measurement 

  • Diagnosis of metabolic diseases

  • thyroid diagnostics

  • Diagnosis of lysosomal storage diseases

  • Pediatric Pain Consultation

  • youth clinic

We can help you with these services:

Screening examinations are particularly important not only in the first years of life. Our aim is to detect diseases or disorders at an early stage that could endanger the child's normal physical, mental and social development.
In addition, we of course treat illnesses and alleviate their symptoms and possible consequences.


  • Child health check-ups from U3- U11

  • Adolescent health examinations (J1 & J2)

  • Diagnosis and therapy of acute and chronic diseases

  • Alternative treatment options

  • Ultrasound diagnostics (abdomen, thorax, infant hip, infant skull)

  • Certificates for kindergarten, school, sports

  • Vaccination advice and standard vaccinations according to STIKO

  • Preoperative diagnostics

  • Vision, color sense test, hearing tests

  • Allergy diagnostics (prick and RAST examination)

  • Lactose, fructose and sorbitol breath tests

  • General and special laboratory tests, including thyroid diagnostics

  • Small wound care

  • Oxygen saturation measurement

Preventive medical check-ups, consultations and vaccinations (appointment)


Tue, Wed, Thu 09:00 - 13:00

Please use our online booking system to make appointments primarily!

  • or by phone from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 11:00 on 069 61 28 82 required - appointments at short notice possible.

  • Consultation only for children who do not show any serious signs of illness.

  • Separate waiting areas for children with possible infectious diseases and for "healthy" patients.

  • Short-term appointments by request

  • Important: Children with rashes, diarrhoea, etc. should be announced by telephone or e-mail.

Our service for parents

If you are unable to reach us by telephone between 08:00 and 11:00, you can contact us in writing via practice mobile on 0179 49 86 994 from Monday to Saturday via SMS or Signal app.

Outside of the paediatrician's office hours, Dr. med. Ilja Kleiman is also available for you and your children as a general practitioner with his many years of experience.

Medical on-call duty

In life-threatening emergencies, please contact the emergency medical services on112.


The medical on-call centres can also be visited directly and without an appointment. All information on the medical on-call service, such as locations and opening hours, can be found on the Internet at
You can reach the medical on-call service by telephone under the number 116 117.

Paediatric emergency service Frankfurt am Main

Uniklinikum der Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7 – Haus 32 Eingang C
60596 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: 069 - 63 01 71 70

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