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„It is my many years of experience as a specialist which shaped the vision to optimise and expand my practice so that it is there for the whole family, for people of all ages with different problems.


That is why I have put together a team of selected, very competent specialists. These specialists complement each other professionally and can exchange information quickly and easily.  For our patient this means that they have multidisciplinary competencies in one place, short distances and a simplified visit to the doctor. “

Dr. med. I. Kleiman

Consilio Fachärzte Frankfurt Allgemeinmedizin Kleiman

General Practitioner
All health insurers 


Dr. med. Ilja Kleiman

In my area of ​​expertise, I offer not only the treatment and diagnostics of the entire spectrum of general medicine, but also other services such as preventive medicine, an annual check-up, individual nutritional advice (such as vegan nutrition) or acupuncture.


All private health insurers and self-paying patients


Dr. med. Nesrin Karabul

With her experience and a comprehensive range of services including paediatric and adolescent check-ups, special consultations, ultrasound examinations, laboratory diagnostics and much more, Dr. Nesrin Karabul offers to you and your children the best possible care (see also paediatrics range of services).

In our practice we have

  • a spacious barrier-free access (also with prams)

  • a children's waiting room separated from the adults

  • a daily acute and emergency consultation hour as well as scheduled consultations without the worry of your child catching an unnecessary infection in the waiting area.


All private health insurers and self-paying patients


Dr. med. Senait Trapp
Dr. med. Jan-Erik Baumüller
Dr. med. Dagmar Baumüller
Britta Dumont

In our department we focus on, in addition to comprehensive pregnancy care and prenatal diagnostics, for example cancer prevention, breast diagnostics and naturopathic treatments.


All private health insurers and self-paying patients  


Dr. med. Sanjay Menon

In my department, I combine many services from diagnostics and therapy of general neurological diseases to stroke prevention, neurosonography and laboratory diagnostics.


All private health insurers and self-paying patients

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Dr. med. Stefan Geiger

It inspires me to perceive the individuality of people. During my own long-lived medical activity, I gained valuable experience in many areas of orthodox medicine and naturopathy.  I found my calling with the holistic doctrine in regard to osteopathy and acupuncture, as both organic and emotional aspects are included in the treatment.


Health Counselling
All private health insurers and self-paying patients

Dr. med. Oxana Bradler

Due to my long-standing experience in internal medicine and preventive lifestyle management, both specialities complement each other to form a holistic treatment concept to provide my patients with the best possible care in every situation.

The Practice Team

6 medical disciplines under one roof: CONSILIO - The General Practitioners- and Specialists-Team Frankfurt welcomes you!

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Due to the current corona pandemic, we ask you to make an appointment by phone, online scheduling, e-mail. Short-term appointments are possible.



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Online appointments only for private patients and self-payers.


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